Women & Theatre is looking to engage a freelance theatre designer to collaborate with our team and community participants, on our A Thousand Threads production in 2022. 

Women & Theatre:

Women & Theatre is an award-winning theatre company with over 35 years’ experience of working with diverse groups to create exciting drama projects about things that matter. 

We create engaging theatre and use interactive drama to promote the wellbeing of the whole community.  Working in a range of contexts, our work is united by core values of inclusion and empowerment, giving a voice to those who are not usually heard.  We work closely with communities to develop projects which foster positive changes, stimulate debate and bring diverse people together.  

‘Women & Sport’ has been a focus of recent work. Our 2019 production at Moseley Road Swimming Baths, ‘Into the Water’, shared community stories of women’s relationships with swimming & water. ‘Run, Jump, Throw!’, an audio piece about women & athletics designed to be listened to whilst walking around Perry Hall Park, launched in June 2021. ‘A Thousand Threads’ will form the third, & most ambitious, community production in this trilogy. 

A Thousand Threads: 

In 2022, Women & Theatre will present a series of new community productions about women, girls, and cricket.

Celebrating the beauty of the sport itself, the piece will also explore women and girls’ lives, concerns, opportunities, and aspirations, and represent experiences from across the Commonwealth.

Developed from research and performed by local women and girls, productions will take place at outdoor locations in Ward End, Edgbaston and Smethwick in May & June 2022, with final performances at the outdoor arena at MAC in July 2022. The productions will involve live performance, accompanied by a soundtrack with lots of pre-record scenes & speech, with newly composed music. 

The Role:

Women & Theatre want to collaborate with a theatre designer to design, & oversee the making/ sourcing of, set, props & costume for A Thousand Threads. We anticipate much of the same set/ props will be needed in each performance venue, although the Designer will need to be responsive to each. Additional elements for the finale at MAC would also be required.

We are looking for someone who is creative, flexible & positive; with experience of outdoor work. 

We are planning a ‘stitching’ strand of community participation to allow community engagement in making particular set/prop items – e.g. a decorative tarpaulin which covers ‘the strip’ before a match is played. Our Designer will also work closely with our stitch partners to inform what gets made. 

Key Project dates: 

We endeavour to work flexibly with the right person, however availability for key dates would be required.

W/c 28 February 2022 – Creative Week at MAC – one day during this week

End of March: Design deadlines

April – Making/ Sourcing

May – (Flexible) Live Rehearsals towards Edgbaston shows (2 in a day) on Sunday 15 May 2022.

We anticipate community cast rehearsals involve a combination of afternoon, evening & weekend in the week or 2 before the performance – recognising not everyone will be free at the same times. 

– (Flexible) Live Rehearsals towards Ward End shows (2 in a day) on Sunday 29 May 2022.

June – (Flexible) Live Rehearsals towards Smethwick shows (2 in a day) on Sunday 19 June 2022.

July – (Flexible) Live Rehearsals towards flagship performances with production week at MAC, w/c 11 July and performances 15-17 July 2022.  

 *It may be that some ‘Get in’ activity can be handed over to the Stage Manager/ other production staff but would expect hands-on involvement in run-up to first community performance, and first MAC performance.

Fee: £2,705 (based on ITC rates)

How to Apply:

Please contact us with details of:  

  • Why you are interested in the role
  • What qualities and experience would you bring to the role 
  • Any relevant experience
  • Confirmation of your availability

Please send us your CV and a cover letter/ email. You may alternatively submit a short video or voice recording. Please ensure these are under 5 minutes in length.

Send your CV and application Rosie Gunn, Project Manager at rosiegunn@womenandtheatre.co.uk

For more information, email rosiegunn@womenandtheatre.co.uk 

Due to the Christmas break, we will; respond after 4 January 2022. 

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 12noon on Monday 17 January 2022