Are you a manager interested in promoting young people’s mental health at work?  

Are you aged 18-25 and have workplace experiences about mental health you would like to share?

We would love to speak to you!

Women & Theatre, working in partnership with The Charlie Waller Trust, is developing 3 short films about young adults’ experiences in relation to mental health in the workplace. These 8–10 minute films will be utilised in different training contexts and made available online. 

The content of the films will reflect different themes and situations, drawing upon real experiences of different employers and managers. They will cover topics such as starting a new job, the induction process, mental health stigma, taking time off, home working, using workplace stress assessments, and what makes a positive working culture. 

Women & Theatre develops all its work from conversational research and so we would like to set up individual interviews in November which can take place in person (in Birmingham) or via Teams/ Zoom. 

As part of this research, we will speak to young adults aged 18-25 who want to share their experiences of mental health in the workplace, and managers keen to promote mental health support at work.

Our research style is relaxed and informal. We will be asking people to consider and describe broad themes and experiences (no sharing of confidential material) and we combine different research material to create fictional characters and situations, so no research participant is identifiable within the finished work. 

We find that research participants enjoy the process of talking with us and contributing to the development of new work. This opportunity may be of particular interest to individuals wanting to impact on mental health awareness and reduced stigma in the workplace. 

If you would like to get involved, please contact or call 07864 642 970.