Drama can make things make sense. It can’t cure problems, wave them away with all the ease of a curtain call but it can begin to help women re-write the scripts of their own lives through the exploration and expression of their experiences

Setting the Record Straight

Women & Theatre regularly delivers participatory drama workshops within female probation settings, using drama techniques to explore themes such as communication, assertiveness, self esteem and cycles of behaviour.

The general aim is to use drama to improve personal effectiveness and the content of sessions includes group discussions, improvisations, game playing, craft activities and relaxation techniques. Women give freely of their life experiences to try to make sense of their own past, present and futures, and to help others by suggesting strategies for change to those who are currently struggling with challenges that they themselves have faced and overcome. All group members, including W&T artists and Probation staff, participate in the sessions sharing and benefitting from each other as equals.

For over 15 years, we have been delivering an annual programme of work at Crowley House Bail Hostel which currently involves courses of weekly workshops and an annual extended course which results in the creation of a new piece of theatre.

W&T has also begun working in Coventry, delivering drama workshops as part of Springboard’s Specified Activity Requirement for Female Offenders programme.


Courses are delivered by teams of two drama workers.  In recent years these have included Janice Connolly, Annette Fagon, Julie Baker, Catherine Pitt, Emmi Isham, Jill Norman, Toni Midlane, Terina Talbot, Ali Belbin, Therese Collins, Kate Green and Ros Norford,