Word Lounge Theatre Company – Spring 2023

At the bottom of this page is an audio version and large print version of the job description available for download.

Women & Theatre is looking for two Support Artists to work on our Word Lounge Theatre Company project, taking place at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) between January – April 2023. 

Word Lounge Theatre Company (WLTC) is a performance-based company for children in care, young carers and young people with additional educational needs. 

We are looking for two Support Artists to join the Word Lounge Theatre Company team. The role will support our lead facilitators and project team, helping to contribute to artistic planning, delivery and working with the participants. This role is ideally suited to someone who is looking to develop skills and confidence in facilitation and participation work. In the past this role has been for people aged between 18-25, but this opportunity is for all age groups.

We welcome applications from all sections of the community. We are particularly interested in increasing the diversity of our team and welcome applications from people from the global majority, people who are disabled, men and non-binary people, people who are LGBTQ+, and/or from working class or low socio-economic backgrounds. We also welcome applications from people with care experience or experience as a young carer.


Women & Theatre will deliver a WLTC programme of weekly sessions at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), working with up to 20 young people. The work will be led by the ideas of the young people and will culminate in a live production which incorporates drama, music and film. 

The performances will be presented in the Foyle Studio at MAC to an audience of family, friends and members of the general public. The project will be led by the young people allowing them to express their ideas and opinions to diverse audiences. The production’s digital elements – film and music – will also be shared with online audiences.

Creative activity will include devising scripts, writing songs, and creating films for the final performance. The young people will learn different performance and film-making skills and explore different roles as part of the creative process including set making, film editing and stage management. 

Project Team 

Activity will be delivered by W&T staff and freelance practitioners; bringing different expertise including film making and music creation. 

The Support Artists will work in consultation W&T’s Artistic Director, Janice Connolly, and other WLTC Artists. The Support Artists will also work with Project Coordinator, Katie Webster and project volunteers.  Our established young person-led approach means participants will be empowered and supported to develop skills and create their own work, validating their own ideas and abilities.


The Support Artists will be involved in planning, delivering and evaluating sessions. Key aspects of the role include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Leading small groups in the weekly sessions, alongside the Lead Artists 
  • Collating the young people’s work into scripts and supporting their ideas
  • Assisting during rehearsals and helping to support the young people in pastoral & creative ways
  • Participating in session planning and debriefs 
  • Communicating regularly with the W&T core delivery team to share each session’s progress and any actions needed throughout the weeks
  • Supporting the participants during the process, and taking an active role in the performance 
  • Taking notes during the sessions and undertaking tasks as necessary to prepare for each session

We recognise this opportunity is also a great chance for personal and professional development, and will build in time to talk with both Support Artists individually about their development. 


The Support Artists will ideally be available for the following dates and times.

Meetings:         Initial Introduction & Planning Meeting with WLTC Team – Tuesday 17
        Jan 2023 

Word Lounge Theatre Company Sessions

W/b 16 Jan – Various times in this week for Individual ‘Hello Zoom Calls’ with participants, to introduce the team and answer any questions

Sat 21 Jan 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 28 Jan 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 4 Feb 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 11 Feb 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 18 Feb 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Half Term Break 

Sat 4 March 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 11 March 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 18 March 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Sat 25 March 10am-1pm @ MAC (plus planning/ debrief time either side)

Fri 31 March – Daytime Get-In and Evening Dress Rehearsal @ MAC – Times TBC

Sat 1 April ALL DAY (approx. 10am-7pm) @ MAC – 2x Performances 


The fee will be based on a rate of £100 per day 



  • Creative ideas
  • A strong sense of what you want to get out of this opportunity and why you’re applying
  • Committed, hard working & responsible
  • An interest in working with young people and those with additional needs
  • An interest in working in a creative, interactive way
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • An interest in theatre and participatory arts 
  • Good verbal & written communication & interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • An empathy with the ethos of the Company 
  • A recent DBS will be required (we can help you process one if needed
  • A caring and understanding nature
  • Good initiative to identify people who need support
  • An interest in working to make activities accessible to a range of needs


  • Knowledge & practical experience of filming & recording work
  • Knowledge of evaluation and monitoring
  • Knowledge of safeguarding including working young people with additional needs


Please contact us with details of:  

  • Why you are interested in this post
  • What qualities and experience would you bring to this post 
  • Any relevant experience.
  • Details of what you’d hope to get out of the development opportunities and skills you’d like to develop
  • Confirmation that you are available for the above dates

You can send us your CV and a cover letter/ email. You may alternatively submit a short video or voice recording. Please ensure these are under 5 minutes in length.

Send your CV and application to katiewebster@womenandtheatre.co.uk

Access & EDI

Please get in touch if there is anything that we can do to support you in your application, either by emailing katiewebster@womenandtheatre.co.uk, or calling 07956 773 196. 

DEADLINE: By 5pm on Tues 3 January 2023

We’ll aim to contact all applicants by the end of Thursday 5 January

INTERVIEWS: Tuesday 10 January 2023

Job Description audio version.

Job Description Large Print