What’s the truth? What have you heard? is a series of short digital pieces for social media and messaging apps, developed from research with women living in Balsall Heath, working in partnership with Moseley Road Baths. They feature Yasmin Jasmine responding to local women’s concerns about different issues relating to Covid-19 and vaccines.

The films were developed from research working with older women who attend the baths weekly Chat & Splash session for women for whom English is a second language. The research sessions were fun, friendly and informal conversations with swimmers and other local people in May 2021.  Each short piece explored different areas of concern regarding public heath guidance relating to COVID-19. They were developed by Janice Connolly working with freelance writer Rupinder Kaur and community filmmaker Rachel Gillies.

Yasmin Jasmine was created in response to women saying they would like to hear stuff from a woman like them who they felt  had her feet on the ground and listened with her ears Yasmin is played by Rupinder Kaur.

What’s the truth? What have you heard? debunked myths and explored new ways of community messaging around public health and wellbeing, by using the language and lives of ordinary people.

You can watch the pieces below.


Yasmin Jasmine on Fertility: There is no evidence that vaccines will affect your fertility. The vaccine doesn’t go into the bit of your cells where your genetic code is and doesn’t go anywhere near your reproductive organs.


Yasmin Jasmine on 5G: There is no evidence to suggest 5G is linked to coronavirus, 5G operates using phone signals, Covid-19 is caused by a virus, which is a tiny organism that you can see under a very strong microscope.


Yasmine Jasmine on vaccine speed: The speed of the vaccine’s development is nothing to be concerned about. It builds on considerable amount of previous work and because this was a global pandemic, lots more money was spent on trials, and committees that review the science met more frequently to prioritise it.


Yasmin Jasmine on Travel: You will need to wait up to 12 weeks between vaccine doses so don’t wait until you have a reason to travel – get your vaccination and be travel ready.


Creative Team 

Janice Connolly

Rachel Gillies

Rupinder Kaur

Partners & Funders 

Moseley Road Baths

Birmingham City Council