Bridging the Gap is a partnership project with Women & Theatre and the University of Birmingham. It responds to research undertaken by Dr Sonali Shah, about the experiences of women & girls with Cerebral Palsy in relation to their sexual & reproductive health and access to healthcare and, with Dr Gianna Bouchard, it explores the potential for developing a theatre production to share these stories with wider audiences.

This podcast shares our project process to date and details of how we would like to take it forward.

Listen to Janice Connolly and Alison Belbin performing verbatim research material and hear three conversations about the project and responding to the research. Hear Janice speak to project partners, Dr Sonali Shah and Dr Gianna Bouchard; related professionals Tanya Myers, Reshma Patel and Gwydion Calder; and applied theatre student Lele Tankam-Samms.


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The podcast was recorded & edited by Brum Radio

This podcast includes music composed by both Dr Sonali Shah and Sam Frankie Fox

The Bridging the Gap project is funded by the University of Birmingham ESCR IAA User Engagement Fund and the Burdett Trust for Nursing