One word to explain why I love W&T: Alison Belbin

Posted on Mar 3, 2015


To celebrate the launch of our new site we’re asking some of the people who’ve played a huge part in the work we do to speak about one aspect of the company they most admire.

Alison Belbin first worked with W&T around 25 years ago and has been working continuously for over 20 years as a director, writer, actor and workshop facilitator. Alison has also worked for numerous other organisations that include Birmingham Repertory Theatre, The Hearth Centre, Foursight Theatre, Something & Nothing and the BBC. Alison has chosen the word ‘Conversation’ to represent the work we do and here’s a few words on why she chose it:

I’ve always loved the conversations that happen at W&T about the work being created as well as what’s going on in our lives and how both things feed each other. Then there’s the conversations we have when creating theatre and drama, which lead to the work being layered, deep, funny, sensitive, wise and help us to deliver it with awareness. The performances and workshops themselves lead to important conversations in the settings we work in whether that’s a theatre, a community setting or a residential one.

Conversations lead to understanding and change, which for me, are at the centre of this kind of work. The measure of good theatre is whether it can have a lasting effect on it’s audience which hopefully will lead to conversations afterwards. It’s only when people start to talk sharing ideas and experiences that real change and understanding can happen.

Alison Belbin, February 2015

We’ll be featuring more of the lovely folk who help make our projects great over the next few weeks. Watch this space and tweet #W&T