W&T in partnership with Moseley Road Baths produced an ambitious, site-specific community production that examined the role of water in women’s lives; presenting diverse stories of women in Balsall Health and celebrating the area’s historic swimming baths, this unique theatrical experience took place on the 13th & 14th April 2019.

We are formed in it.
We play in it. 
There’s equality in it.
Water has a language… 

Developed from research with women in Balsall Heath, INTO THE WATER was an engaging new aquatic theatre performance about the role of water in women’s lives.

Performed in and around the pool by a community cast of local women, the piece captured the joy and diversity of a women’s only session, whilst animating stories of memory & nature, swimming & play and birth & renewal.

“Makes me want to go swimming. Mesmerising!” Audience member  

“Loved it – I’m a new swimmer and it encapsulated all that I get from the water” Audience member 

Listen to Into the Water

An audio version of Into The Water is available to listen here or wherever you get your podcasts from.

Creative Process 

Find out more about the research & creative process by reading Support Artist  Ashlee E L Roberts blog

Supporters & Funders 

Birmingham City Council

Moseley Road Baths

The Roughley Trust

The Grimmitt Trust