Review of WOLF

Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Damien (Daniel) is one of our young leaders at The Factory Youth Theatre, here he reviews WOLF a one man show by Lewis Doherty.

Wolf is proof that you don’t need an ensemble cast to create a truly amazing piece of art. From the very beginning you’re dragged along with wolf on his adventure, with only a chair on stage it leaves you wondering and helps to build up anticipation. As we meet wolf we find out his motivations (his friend and partner died).  Lewis Doherty has a brilliant level of control on his voice and could easily have been a voice actor like Michael Winslow.

The show follows our protagonist wolf in his search for answers, it’s a story of betrayal and a window into the human condition.

I never expected the story to be so gripping from the first instant, I found myself wishing for a sequel, not due to a feeling of dissatisfaction, but because the world felt so real and the characters were so well fleshed out, I could truly say I felt massively invested in their lives.

Poster for WOLF written & Performed by Lewis Doherty

There was an amazing use of meta humour and an excellent use of call backs, very well thought out comedy, it had me laughing regularly throughout. But an ability to make someone laugh is all well and good but wolf had me do something else, it made me feel. I felt a connection with wolf and watching the show helped to inspire me with an idea for my own one man show… who knows maybe the next review you read will be a review of my own show.

I look forward to seeing more work from this extremely talented young actor. 

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